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Welcome to Potential to Performance! Whether you are a teacher, a parent (or both) or a child, I hope that you find the support and resources here that you need to help turn your potential to performance. Please explore the website and check out the resources on offer. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or need some advice.

Brooke’s work both within Te Puna o Kemureti Kāhui Ako and our school has been school changing. Be it working one on one beside teachers or leading staff PLD – she has always exceeded our expectations and created the conditions for teacher efficacy to increase as they inquire into their practice. We know how much in demand Brooke is and feel humbled that she chooses to use her talents to support the learners in our school.

Mike Malcolm, Lead Principal Te Puna o Kemureti Kāhui Ako (2016-2018) Principal, Leamington School

The Latest from Brooke

It takes ONE … Catalysts of Gifted Success

In December last year, I was asked to write a letter to a gifted young woman as part of ’21 letters’ to celebrate her 21st birthday. When I sat down to write a blog on Celebrating Giftedness, I knew that I wanted to share a quote from that letter.

“You were the first person that I ever fought for and I did it because you gave me the strength to. And it changed my life.”

She was one of many amazing (or sometimes interesting) students that I have had the privilege of knowing. And every one of them has influenced my life.